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Design Change


Click HERE to see the original set up

original aseembly for handle
original aseembly for handle

This is the original plastic/nut combination design (red piece) for securing the handle to the clamp. This design was used from 2001 through 2013.


Both attachments were included

2013 version assembly
2013 version assembly

In 2012, we have had a batch of units where the red plastic piece were breaking easily. So, for 2013 units, we started including a wing nut as an option to replace the plastic/nut combination. The user had an option to choose from either one.

2014 forward

Click HERE to see the new set up

2014 version assembly
2014 version assembly

Starting with 2014 batch, we have eliminated the plastic/nut combination piece and are providing only the wingnut for securing the handle. We feel this is a better solution and causes less confusion than including two different options.

Jobber Pricing

The quantity discount for EzEdger starts at 5 units. Additional higher discounts are available for a purchase of 10 units or 20 units.

Please contact us for a copy of the latest EzEdger price list. (our contact page)

Did you know?

  • EzEdger was first introduced at the NACE show in Las Vegas in 2001.
  • EzEdger is present internationally in many countries; Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Korea, France, Italy, Britain, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Czech-Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, and Ireland.
  • EzEdger is great for auto body painting but also for buses, trucks, and even ships.
  • EzEdger is a favorite tool with automobile auction houses and used car dealerships for a quick smooth touch-ups.
  • EzEdger is so reliable we average less than 5 warranty service units per year and the average age of EzEdgers out in the field is over 5 years.
  • If you lift up both 'F'(fold) and 'B'(bend) wheels on an EzEdger, the masking tape will be dispensed without any folds. It can then be used as a regular masking tape dispenser.
  • When it comes to the 'B'(bend) wheel, there are two opposing views. One group of painters do not use the 'B' wheel in order to keep the tape as flat as possible to the surface. On the other side, there is a group of painters who love the fact that the 'B' wheel bends and creases the folded edge to stand up away from the surface to provide a gap. You decide.